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    • Runite is a pet, Confirmed 😞
    • Hey guys! Well it's about time i introduce myself on here haha. Most of you know me as Cupcake but my real name is Stephanie. I love gaming!  Well ofcourse i do right, why else would i be here? Because i really like to game i started a few years ago with Twitch. And i really love doing that and just talk with the viewers, one day i hope to be better and have more viewers. I spend alot of time with helping Runite with CrystalPS.   And beside that i also have my own minecraft server CupcakeMC.   Ok what else? hmm.. Well i love animals and i have some pets myself. I have horses, cats, dogs, bunnies, turtle, fish and Runite.. Wait..? Did i say Runite? Well i guess i did. Oops.. So yea if you haven't guessed it yet im Runite his Girlfriend. What else do i like... Hmm.. Cupcakes, rainbows, unicorns, horror, drawing... LOL What a combination. Well if you want to know anything else just ask 😄 ❤️ -Cupcake   
    • Prayer levels early on can be hard to gain, Killing Digimon for their Warriors backpacks and caskets :3
    • What's up homie! I'm 26
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