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    • https://gyazo.com/c8c930e4a1b5a836bbc3dda1de115fef
    • I would like to see more active time played before accepting it, but it looks fine to me so far😋
    • Timezone (UTC):Central Discord Tag: CharlesMartin#1477 Language(s): English Have you ever been staff on any other RSPS? Yes   List the Servers: Draconic, SilentPvP, Flip PvP How long did you staff there? motnhs What did your duties entail? to help out the new guys and anyone have problems with the server and watch over the server Do you still staff there? If not, why not? No, Its been years. Are you in any form of education? Negative If so, what do you study? N/A Have you ever been infracted (forums/in-game) on CrystalPS? Negative If so, please explain why: N/a How much time do you spend on CrystalPS weekly? 12 hours on weekends and maybe 4 on weekdays (due to work) Image of time spent logged in: Down Below 🙂 Tell us a bit about yourself( minimal of 100 words used ) : I am 21 years old, I Currently work at Aisin Manufacturing I Like to Play Video Games and Watch Youtube 🙂 I before Aisin I went to San Diego For USMC Boot Camp but 1 1/2 months in i got injured and was sent home. i like to drink and 1 of my favorite games is Among Us (You're Kinda Sus Bro) i am really good at it. i also play Rocket League and call of duty and i enjoy playing RSPS. There is not really much to my life not gonna lie but i am really easy to get along with and im kinda funny too i have to say 🙂 but i Just want to say thank you guys for taking time out of you hands and reading this i know you're all busy with something but thank you 😄 Tell us why you should be Server support? : I am really easy to get along with and I know I am ready to take on the responsibilities of a staff member https://gyazo.com/be9763e06596c841b1c6fdc12366657b
    • Pet information:   Tztok-jad :  Extra tokkul + 5% dr/ddr Tzhaar-xil :  Extra tokkul + 5% dr/ddr Tzhaar-hur :  Extra tokkul + 5% dr/ddr Tzhaar-mej :  Extra tokkul + 5% dr/ddr Tzhaar-ket :  Extra tokkul + 5% dr/ddr Tzhaar-kek :  Extra tokkul + 5% dr/ddr Tzhaar-mohi :  Extra tokkul + 5% dr/ddr   Mutant tarn :  7% dr/ddr Old big foot : 7% dr/ddr Ramadan Lantern Pet : 10% dr/ddr   Marble Gargoyle Pet : 5 dr/ddr Flaming Pyrelord Pet : 5 dr/ddr Fire giant pet : 5 dr/ddr   Pawnchessmon Pet :  20 dr/ddr Dark Digimon Pet : 35 dr/ddr
    • thats alot of stuff and just 1 thing of shit ? 😮
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