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  1. Pet information: Tztok-jad : Extra tokkul + 5% dr/ddr Tzhaar-xil : Extra tokkul + 5% dr/ddr Tzhaar-hur : Extra tokkul + 5% dr/ddr Tzhaar-mej : Extra tokkul + 5% dr/ddr Tzhaar-ket : Extra tokkul + 5% dr/ddr Tzhaar-kek : Extra tokkul + 5% dr/ddr Tzhaar-mohi : Extra tokkul + 5% dr/ddr Mutant tarn : 7% dr/ddr Old big foot : 7% dr/ddr Ramadan Lantern Pet : 10% dr/ddr Marble Gargoyle Pet : 5 dr/ddr Flaming Pyrelord Pet : 5 dr/ddr Fire giant pet : 5 dr/ddr Pawnchessmon Pet : 20 dr/ddr Dark Digimon Pet : 35 dr/ddr
  2. thats alot of stuff and just 1 thing of shit ? 😮
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  4. Get 20q cc <--- is not possible at this moment. i do however need to look in a way to make it possible 🙂
  5. Runite is a pet, Confirmed 😞
  6. Looking good, topic is now pinned and added onto the discord " Guides " Channel.
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    ::nerfDR FeAzzahLaw -100 k ty no more drops for you 🙂
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  13. Rules: Please use the template included below to format your application. You will not post an application if you do not meet the requirements PLEASE READ EVERYTHING. You will not comment on another staff application during the time you have an application up. You will not post an application if you've had any indiscretions (Forum or In-Game) within the last month. You will list all previous infractions you've had on any associated accounts. Failure to do so will result in your application being declined. Please Take this serious. Trolls will get a DECLINE and restriction for future applications. You will not create another topic on this board until your application is handled. You must have a Discord account. You must take a picture of your in-game time and add it to your application. Your account must have played CrystalPS for atleast an week before applying. Your account must have 25 forum posts (non-spam posts). You are not allowed to link your application to other users or tell them to support your application. If your application is declined, you are not allowed to post another one for 14 days. Template: Timezone (UTC): Discord Tag: Language(s): Have you ever been staff on any other RSPS? List the Servers: How long did you staff there? What did your duties entail? Do you still staff there? If not, why not? Are you in any form of education? If so, what do you study? Have you ever been infracted (forums/in-game) on CrystalPS? If so, please explain why: How much time do you spend on CrystalPS weekly? Image of time spent logged in: Tell us a bit about yourself( minimal of 100 words used ): Tell us why you should be Server support? :
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    Rules and Regulations @Runite deserves the right to punish any member at any time if broken any rules. Failing to read the rules of exploiting gray area's is not an excuse. In-game Rules 1. Flaming, Disrespect, Harassment and Inappropriate Content Within CrystalPS, we have a wide diverse Community. Communities contain different races, beliefs, ethics, sexual orientations. It is vital that we preserve and protect each culture and that we ensure equality throughout CrystalPS as a whole. The use of inappropriate, slanderous and/or disrespectful language towards another’s race, belief system, mental health, ethics, or sexual orientation to personally attack an individual or group will not be tolerated. Although we have an effective ignore system, we expect our members to be courteous towards one another. Content that is publicized via world yell, public chat, or clan chat that is deemed inappropriate, demeaning, or disrespectful per a staff member’s discretion is not permitted and will correspond with an punishment. Account names containing inappropriate, slanderous and/or disrespectful language towards another's race, belief system, ethics, or sexual orientation are not tolerated. Failure to comply with this will result in a permanent ban of the account. 2. Advertising Advertisement of another RSPS related community is strictly prohibited. Failure to comply will result in an immediate removal from the community with no chance of appeal. Widespread, ordinary links (eg. YouTube, Mixer) are acceptable and will oftentimes be permitted, granted one does not take advantage of this exception Discussing other active servers in-game and/or on the forums is strictly forbidden. You may discuss any RSPS that is not online. Members who wish to advertise a link that is not related to RSPS or was not one of the common links aforementioned may send a link to an administrator and await a response containing approval before publicizing their desired link. Direct advertisement will not be tolerated on CrystalPS 3. Spamming Spamming on CrystalPS is not allowed, as it causes disarray throughout the server. We aim to maintain a cordial, pleasant atmosphere on CrystalPS. We expect our members to be respectful of one another. Excessive begging for personal gain will not be tolerated on CrystalPS. Advertising videos, Youtube channels, will need to have 5 minutes in between. 4. Misleading Links, Hacking and Threats Misleading links are taken extremely seriously. We expect all links to follow the guidelines (see rule 2) and open up to whatever the link was rightfully advertising. Failure to comply with this rule will result in permanent removal from the community. Any form of hacking will result in permanent removal from the community. Threats that will put a member’s livelihood, security, personal information, and reputation at risk will result in permanent removal from the community. Threatening to DDoS a member of the community will not be tolerated, whether you are joking or not. Players found doing this will be punished. Threats against CrystalPS as a whole will not be tolerated. 5. Punishment Evasion Punishments that are assigned to members are given to further better CrystalPS as a community and maintain a stable, fair, and efficient environment. With that being said, those who evade will not be dealt with lightly, if a member feels as if they were wrongly punished, they can go about it the right way by appealing and constructively stating their case. If one evades, it will result in a ban or an IP-Ban, depending on the magnitude of the situation. 6. Real world trading The act of purchasing/selling goods or services (accounts, real-life items, RSGP, other private server items for CrystalPS items, etc.) will not be tolerated. This rule further effaces hacks, scams, etc. We will not be held responsible for a scam or hacking. Failure to comply will result in the seller and buyer being permanently banned, followed with an IP-ban the second time around. 7. Account sharing An account should be actively used by the owner only. Account sharing in an effort to progress another user's account or achievements will be punished with a 48-hour ban, followed by a permanent ban for both parties. For example, if you need items off your friends account you may log in and take them. But you aren't allowed to go train skills for him/her. Any attempt to give an account away will not be tolerated on CrystalPS. Offenders will receive a permanent ban on the account being given away. 8. Third-Party Software Applying the use of third-party software that allows a member to have an (any) unfair advantage whatsoever will result in a 24-hour ban, followed by a 48-hour ban, with an ending result of a permanent ban. We strive to maintain an honorable environment where fairness flourishes and hard-earned achievements are commended. This includes auto-clickers, auto-typers, AHK. The use of botting clients/scripts are forbidden and will result in an IP-ban as well as permanent bans on all owned accounts. 9. Multi-Logging Multi-logging is not against the rules of CrystalPS, as we do allow players to be logged into multiple accounts at once ( 2 accounts is the max! ). However, we do not allow multi-logging to gain an extreme advantage over other users. Playing on multiple accounts at once while participating in the same skill, boss, minigame is not allowed. up to 2 accounts at a time logged in is allowed. Anything that exceeds that will be deemed a violation and the appropriate punishment will be handed to all accounts involved. 10. Encouraging Others to Break Rules Members that are somehow encouraging others to break a rule whether or not the enticed member understands that specific rule will receive a 24-48 hour mute or 24-hour ban, depending on the extremity or severity of the rule. 11. Bug Abuse Abuse of a bug or glitch that allows a member to somehow have an advantage over another member or the server itself is not tolerated. We strive to better CrystalPS each and every day. In doing so, we ask all members to report any bugs or glitches as soon as they are found, if tampered with after, a permanent ban will be issued. Boss manipulation (safe spotting) is the flagrant act of maneuvering a boss into a position where it cannot properly perform its functions and/or mechanics. 12. Invading Other Communities. Invading other communities will result in the permanent removal from the entirety of CrystalPS with no chance of appeal. Here on CrystalPS, we are firm advocates of displaying perpetual, irrefutable integrity. We have the utmost respect for each and every RSPS community and only wish them well. 13. VPN Abuse Any use of excessively changing your IP-address to vote will not be tolerated whatsoever on CrystalPS. We strive to maintain an honorable environment. Anything that brings an unfair advantage will not be tolerated (see rule 8). VPN voting goes against many of the Top-lists terms of service, which can result in the termination of CrystalPS from the Top-lists. Abusing the referral system can result in your account being reset or banned. 14. Impersonation Impersonating an CrystalPS staff member is strictly prohibited. Impersonating any of the server accounts is strictly prohibited. Players that fail to comply with this rule will be permanently banned. Based on the severity of the incident, repeat offenders will be IP-banned. Staff discretion will be used. 15. AoE Farming The use of an AoE Weapon while you sleep or otherwise away from actively playing CrystalPS is not allowed. Players that fail to comply with this rule will initially be teleported or kicked from the server, repetition or high kill numbers will result in a Temp Ban.
  15. Luke

    Class guide

    So you are new to CrystalPS, And dont know with what class to start? Well you can take a look down here for everything the classes can provide. Warrior 20% Extra base melee damage 5% Less range damage 5% Less magic damage 20% More tanky 5% More accuracy Assassin 10% Extra base melee damage 15% Chance to hit your maxhit 5% Less range damage 5% Less magic damage 10% Chance to dodge a attack 5% More accuracy Mage 20% Base magic damage 5% Less range damage 5% Less melee damage 10% More accuracy No runes required Archer 20% Extra base range damage 5% Less melee damage 5% Less magic damage 10% More accuracy No Arrows required Necromancer 5% Extra base magic damage 20% Chance to heal 25% Dmg dealth 5% More accuracy No runes required Beast Master Pets fight along you 2x faster egg hatching No class Nothing