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    What's up homie! I'm 26
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    Eyy what's up boss!
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    What's up man! Nice to see new players 🙂
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    Hey! Enjoy your grind!
  5. Living Fuse Device - North @ home - Crystals - Imbued Hearts - Ddr Amulet - Ddr Ring - Wyvern Cape Enchanted Chest - North @ home Enchanted Tokens, Crystal hearts, imbued hearts ( success rates are different for regular player) CrystalPs Credit Shop - South @ home Wizard box, Warrior Box, Archery Box, $5 Bond, Enchanted Key, Warrior Class Token, Mage Class Token, Archer Class Token, Necromancer Class Token, Beast Master Class Token, Assassin Class Token, Old Big Foot Pet. Nugget Zone Shop - East @ home Holy Infernal Boots, HF Whip, HF M416, HF FullHelm, HF Legs, HF Body, HF SS, HF Staff, HF Gloves. (500 Nuggets per) Slayer Reward Shop - West @ home Slayer Helmet, KQ Head, Abyssal Demon Head, KBD Head, Slayer Ring, $5 Bond, $10 Bond, Warrior Box, Archery Box, Wizard Box, Elite Warrior Box, Elite Wizard Box, Elite Archery Box. Zone Teleports Bosses ( Medusa now only drops regular combat boxes along with the Elite versions ) This Raid Boss now drops Raid 2 gear! Minigame Other Paradise Zone - Need 1 Paradise item from the Donator Shop to teleport to this zone AFK Zone Gamble Zone Crazy Mushroom - Southwest Furious Bob - Southeast Electric Old Man - Northeast Diego The Elf - Northwest Also drops 35m, 60m and 120m Coins.
  6. Dragon Slayer Helm (Range) Dragon Slayer Body (Range) Dragon Slayer Legs (Range) X Dragon Slayer Boots (Range) Dragon Slayer Gloves (Range) X Dragon Slayer LongBow (Range) Ring of Bosses X Paradise item ~ will be adding more as i get further into the game ~
  7. Hey, what's up ladies and gentleman! My names Sam, Truth - in game. I've been playing Rsps for my whole life. Looking forward to some great times with everyone online! 🙂 If you ever need any help, feel free to shoot me a message. Enjoying the server so far, don't plan on leaving. The server seems to be improving every day and that's something I think everyone loves to see. Grinding daily! Hope to see more of you soon! Enjoy your grinds! 🙂