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    Welcome Zetru! Been a pleasure to chat with you in-game. ๐Ÿ™‚
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    Starter Guide

    9omNYbY - Imgur.mp4 Here you'll get your next set depending on which style class you choose in the beginning. You'll also want to get the Tzhaar boots, gloves and cape to upgrade later. 1.mp4This is the Starter Guide for the new and improved CrystalPS! here is a list of the classes in-game with the bonuses they provide. As an Ironman I'd recommend starting off with Necromancer for the early on Soulsplit effect until you get 99 Prayer before switching to a different class. ๐Ÿ™‚ When you first spawn run south and speak to this lady for your quest ( teleports > starter ). She will provide you with your first quest with some starter gear as a reward. Afterwards navigate to the Starter Zone via the teleports by minimap. UMNtCpe - Imgur.mp4 These drop you first set of the game; I'D recommend staying here until you complete quest and get your full set before moving on. dB5wMav - Imgur.mp4 Next step: Use teleports and go to the tzhaar area and accept the new quest. txv3wvh - Imgur.mp4 After completing your quest and getting your second set of gear the fun begins! You'll leave the cave and spend your tokkul you've collected to move onto the Tier 2 part of Tzhaar caves. Now this is where you grind may be fast of slow, you'll have to kill these monsters until you get their blood to use on your previous gear upgrade to T2. The same follows for Tier 3 and Tier 4 each have a specific drop to increase your gears Tier level. And tier 4. After getting T4 at the Tzhaar your next task will be to go to your respective area for your class set i.e, Range/Melee/Magic. Toxic Knight- T4 Melee Archer Raz- T4 Range Space Gnome- T4 Mage After you have gotten your new full T4 sets the next area you shall go is one of these 3 teleports. Marble Gargoyle is T5 Range which drops: Shadow Master is T5 Melee which drops: Flaming Pyrelord is T5 Mage which drops: Unfortunately Pyrelord doesnt drop a weapon but at that point you should keep your staff until you get to the T7 Mage which is posted below ๐Ÿ™‚ After your brand new spanking T5 sets you can start on these guys: Earth Magician is T7 Mage which drops: The Purge Bomber is T7 Range which drops: His purge grenade is same Tier as Twisted Bow which drops from Baby Eternal Dragons. Keep in mind Twisted Bow has a higher Str bonus/whereas Purge Grenade has a faster attack speed. Saradomin Master is T7 Melee which drops: Seems easy enough right? Well your grind does not stop there. After you have achieved your full set of T7 your next option is to go to Nugget Zone or Wyvern Minigame to get your BiS Cape. Nugget Zone Shop: These items are equivalent to T9 so to speak. The most sought after items from this shop is the weapons/boots/shield. You can go for full set if you want to. Wyvern Minigame: TLNobk2 - Imgur.mp4 Now for this you could go extremely dry like myself (took 6.7k kills) or you could be extremely lucky and finish all capes within 2k kills or less. You will need to gather all capes and afterwards go home and talk to Living Fuse Device. You will need all capes plus 100 enchanted tokens to upgrade your brand new cape at a 75% chance of success.